Sound Design


This is the demoreel showcased my several sound design works

1. BVW Round 0, movie trailer sound design; BGM, sound effects, voice recording, mixed in Audition

2. Sound Design assignment, animation<Cat> sound tracks design; BGM, sound effects, mixed in Audition

3. Independent work, short film <Count Down> sound design; BGM, sound effects, voice recording, mixed in Logic Studios

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Aquaria Simulation

behind scene1 copy

October 2013, Aquaria Simulation Studying, part of Sony Project, including fish flocking prey-predator algorithm, and fish natural movement algorithm

Cheng’s Music


Celestia, Vocal Interaction Game

Celestia, a vocal interaction music game, showcase@PAX East 2014, showcase@ E3 2014, a poster at SIGGRAPH 2013, and one of ACM-CHI Game Competition Finalists(May 2013, Paris).

Be A Perfect Green


April 2015, A simple game made in two weeks, a little game about balance the color, and the lost of yourself.

FL•U, iOS Bio-Surveillance App

FL•U cover

Summer 2013, FL•U, a gamified iOS multi-lingual influenza surveillance and disease prevention app. Position: Graphics Programmer/UIUX Designer (team of 3)

TuneTrain, Music Education iOS App


Spring 2013, TuneTrain(App Store), 100,000+ download with 4-star rating, a music education iOS Application, encourage children to create music by drawing. Position: Programmer for Voice Detection, Midi-to-Notation Algorithm, Sequencer (team of 7)

Fitbit Data Visualization

sleep data

CMU-ETC-Building Virtual World


MaKey MaKey & Happy Birthday

MaKey MaKey little experiment

Herb Ensemble, Interactive Installation


Pulse Matrix as Multiple Pulse Sensor


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Sound Design


works with 3Ds Max


Pulse Matrix, Audio Visualization Tool

August 2011, Pulse Matrix, sound visualization application, Independent work, Position: Programmer/Designer for audio and visual .